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Kids Ministries

Creative Bible Teachings
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Nu Fire Kids is a service designed to teach kids the whole counsel of God's Word in a fun and simple way that is easy to apply to their everyday lives.

Psalms 119:103 "How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!"

We strive to make the things of God and His Word taste good!

first time at Nu Fire Kids? All children from newborn to 6th grade can attend our Nu Fire Kid's ministry. Find out more!

  • Nu Fire Kids Groups


    Newborn - Potty Training

    Jesus’ love for children is evident throughout the entire word of God. Children at this young age are soaking up everything and developing their little minds. Our little Matchsticks are in the early learning stages and development of their walk with God. It is so important to teach our little ones about the love He has for every one of them as early as possible.

    This class is designed specifically with this very young age in mind by using age-appropriate toys, activities, and music to teach them about God’s love for them, in a nurturing and safe environment.

  • Nu Fire Kids Groups

    Little Sparks

    Potty Trained – Kindergarten

    Once potty-trained, Remnant kids can graduate from the Matchsticks class and go onto our Preschool class, Little Sparks. The foundation they received in Matchsticks can now grow stronger through the next stage of their life.

    In Little Sparks, we teach kids Bible Stories in a way they can relate to and understand at this age, while still being creative and fun! All bible lessons are full of fun activities, games, crafts, and songs, all helping spark their interest and grow their relationship with their Heavenly Father who loves them completely.

  • Nu Fire Kids Groups

    Nu Fire

    1st-3rd Grades

    We believe children learn best by being involved and participating in what they are learning. Nu Fire kids get to stay in the "big church" and worship alongside their family during praise and worship and are released to their class afterward.

    Little Sparks graduate and move onto Nu Fire Kids, AKA the 'big kids' class. Our kids are so excited to be Nu Fire Children because of the fun and new opportunities that await them. Lessons in Nu Fire are designed to teach kids God’s Word and how they can apply the Word in their everyday lives. Games, skits, and fun activities follow each lesson to go along with what they just learned. Our kids have the opportunity to earn ‘kids cash’ by memorizing bible verses from the previous week, bringing their bible, being extra kind, and excellent listeners. Fun, kid-friendly items can then be purchased using their kids cash.

  • Nu Fire Kids Groups

    Nu Fire Plus


    Just like in Nu Fire, Nu Fire Plus kids will also be able to stay in "big church" to worship alongside their family and will be released to their class afterward.

    Nu Fire Plus continues to build and grow a solid foundation of God’s Word and the benefits God has provided for them. Remnant desires for your children to have a deep and personal relationship with Him, and learn who they are in Him. Lessons are high energy and fun, taught with games and illustrations, and teach principles that make it easy for the kids to apply them to their own lives.

  • Nu Fire Kids Groups

    Aisle 9


    Aisle 9 is a class for young people grades 7-10. The pastoral staff and senior pastor teach this class. Our goal is to stir up a hunger for the Lord and continue to build a Godly foundation while having lots of fun with cool games and activities.

    We strive to build relationships between the leaders and the children. High school is a difficult time for many students; they need to have spiritually mature leaders like our head pastors to look to for guidance. On top of teaching and games, the kids will learn the importance of serving in the local church. Aisle 9, at its core, is a transitional class between children's church and "big church". It is designed to teach young people the empowering Word and who God has called them to be.