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  • Love U Applications! We are starting a bible school dedicated to setting a firm Word of God based foundation in your life that you can stand on!

  • We want to hear from you! God is doing such great things in your church family, we want to hear about it! Email your testimony to Testimony@theRemnant.church

  • Small Groups! Small Groups provide church members with similar interests an opportunity to hang out and build strong relationships with one another while enjoying their hobby. If off-roading, karate, or harboring enemies of the Empire is your thing, join your group and bring your helmets, karate belts, or short range communication jammers to your next meeting. If you can't find your perfect group, you can start a Small Group yourself!

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Our Church

The Lord has sent Anna and I to Longview to "establish a church where My Spirit is free to move."  Come, stand with us, as the God of Miracles proves Himself strong in East Texas.

- Pastor Rusty Brady

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