I believe I receive!

For several months I have been struggling to focus and see clearly. I am nearsighted and have worn corrective lenses since the 2nd grade. I was reminded of Deuteronomy 34:7 "his eye was not dim nor his natural force not abated." So I prayed and believed that the same would be true for me - that degeneration in my body would stop. Then God reminded me of Luke 4:18 - Jesus was anointed to preach "recovery of sight to the blind." I thanked Him and received that word for myself. It has always been God's will for the blind to see. In April I had my eyes and vision checked by an optometrist. I was prompted to look for my previous prescription and amazingly, I found it! my old prescription was -5.25/-6.00. My new prescription was -4.25/-5.00. My eyesight had improved! No wonder I couldn't Focus! My glasses were too strong!

As I was rejoicing and praising God for this healing, He told me that He wasn't finished and showed me Mark 8:23-25. "after that he put his hands again upon his eyes and made him look up and he was restored and saw every man clearly." I am confident that will be the end result. God is so good! Praise His Holy Name!

-Debbie Rease