I received my healing in worship!

When I was around 14 l injured my shoulder in a bike accident. I had dislocated it and the pain was intense. I had injured my rotator cuff and had tendon damage that would never heal. Over the years it was prone to re-injury and would occasionally pop out of socket and again the pain was almost unbearable. It would return to normal position, however, the pain and tenderness would sometimes last for weeks afterward. These instances had been becoming more frequent as of late, and I would wince in pain if I exerted to much stress before it would dislocate again. I had just happened to have an episode at work while unloading a truck, and it hurt. The pain had been prevalent for about 6 weeks and had been so bothersome that it was interfering not only with my productivity at work but was also keeping me awake at night. I had prayed and asked God to heal my shoulder. I claimed my healing even though the pain persisted. That very Sunday during praise and worship, I continued to pray and thank God for my healing. In an instant, I began to feel my shoulder tingle exactly where the pain was most prevalent. Then a warming sensation in the same spot and it intensified to almost a burning. Immediately the pain subsided and soon was gone. After 6 weeks of constant pain, I had relief. At that moment I heard a voice in my spirit telling me to raise my right arm, which was a painful act just minutes earlier. It was at that moment that I knew God had healed my shoulder. It's been two months now and I'm healed!

-Jason Williamson