Small groups are cool I guess...

Small Groups

Small Groups provide church members with similar interests an opportunity to hang out and build strong relationships with one another while enjoying their hobby. If off-roading, karate, or harboring enemies of the Empire is your thing, join your group and bring your helmets, karate belts, or short range communication jammers to your next meeting. If you can't find your perfect group, you can start a Small Group yourself!

Potato Salad

Video games led by Ty Brady. 1703 Rodden, Longview

Fun Folks

Games led by Suzanne and Fina. 2nd and 4th Wednesday 6:30-9:00

Led with a Craft

Crafts led by Darene Kearbey. 309 Nettie Ln. Hallsville. Thursday at 6:30 (not starting until Parenting class is over.)

Book of Daniel

Studying the Book of Daniel video series led by Donald and Kathy Hawkins.

Walk for Life

Simple excersize group led by Ramona Mercer. 4114 Brent Rd. Longview


Taking a break for summer!

Visiting Angels

Visiting people in nursing homes led by Gary and Lois Pittman.


Games led by Carolyn Hardaway.